Transmission Motor for Construction Hoist Or Passenger Hoist

1. Introduction
This Transmission Motor is mainly used for the construction hoist or passenger hoist,  it has following characters: Internal performance, joint construction lifter actual working condition, internal reflect similar domestic leading level of the motor performance.
For example: rated voltage 85% when can full load starting; Rated load 125% when relaxed starting and stable operation; Can be moderately happy to meet the demand of the brake adjustment; Frictionless operation of the brake disc structure to get higher running stability, low noise and high the whole life. 
Reliability: the friction brake disc 12 months, the average life expectancy of armature and fixed brake disc life expectancy for 30 months, brake trouble-free working times, 200000 times on average, trouble-free working time is an average of 18 months; Motor can be selected embedded type thermal protection device, ensure reliable motor thermal overload protection.
Interchangeability and maintainability: motor and DC brake
2. Feature

a. Braking smoothly has little effect on the machine.
b. Brake friction plates use the imported friction materials.
c. Special process rotor designs can reduce the starting current, increase the starting torque and have a good low voltage start-up ability.
d. Cold rolled plates have a low loss, high efficiency, simple structure, safe and reliable performance.
3. Memo
Please tell us the motor Revolution speed before you order them since we need match the motor Revolution speed in the transmission mechanism.
Art. No.Power(kw)Weight(kg)



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