Twin mast hoist

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Twin mast hoist

The twin mast hoist consists of a ground base, double drive units, and two mast sections. With these components, as well as additional components such as control systems, attachment walls, and fences, virtually any type of work or transport platform can be created. This means greater flexibility and higher utilization for users – leading to significant economic benefits.

By being able to use the same mast on both a transport platform and a construction hoist – or as a component of a mast climbing work platform – owners are able to take advantage of savings on mast inventory, storage space, and installation costs.


If you attempt to use a conventional crane to lift its rated load or lift equipment on a roof beyond the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity and limits, you may damage the equipment and put the safety of construction workers on your site at risk. This is expressly prohibited and illegal in most states. Fortunately, double mast cranes are available with greater load capacities and sizes. This way, if you need to lift heavier loads throughout the project, you can do it safely and efficiently.

Apply to

  • Stereoscopic parking lot
  • Vertical transportation of bulky equipment
  • Vertical transportation of heavy goods

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