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overload protector for passenger hoist 

overload protector is used in safety protection for passenger hoists. The design and production of the products are in strict accordance with the national standard GB12602-90 ” hoisting machinery protection safety technical specification “.
The overload limiter measures the weight of the load by means of the weight sensor. The instrument displays the actual load in real-time. When the load reaches the set value of its rated load, it sends out the sound and light alarm signal and gives the switch output. The whole system consists of sensors, connecting cables, a microcomputer host, and so on.


1. How to Choose a correct load cell
1. Please check the size drawing for the sensor pin, if the size is the same as the one you are using. Then it can be used
2. Is all sensor pin are interchangeable for different brands?
No. They are not interchangeable.
3. How long a load cell can be used?
It depends on the use. If preserved well. Normally 2-3 years is fine.

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