Mast Climber

Product Details

Mast climber

Mast climber is special equipment for the manned construction of the outer wall of the building. It is suitable for the external wall construction of high-rise buildings, such as painting, cleaning, plastering, welding steel structure of the external wall, and installing curtain walls.

  •  The length of the platform can be adjusted within 1m-10m
  •  The working height can be adjusted with customers’ needs.
  •  The voltage can be adjusted with the customer’s requirement.
  •  Materials
    1) steel painted
    2) steel with dipping zinc or galvanized


  •  Reduces access time by as much as 90%
  • Reduces building ties by up to 80%
  • Improve site security both during and after working hours
  • Flexible extension platforms to contour most buildings
  • Precision leveling reduces repetitive strain injuries
  • Mobile chassis for quick and easy relocation
  • Less damage to components compared to traditional multi handing
  • Replace trailing cable and expensive distribution points
  • Reduces contract time by as much as 40%
  • Whether screening improves productivity

tag.   construction elevator 

max platform length

13.3m/single, 30m/double

rate person

3/single ,6/double

rate operate speed


Motor power


basic width of the platform


platform width


Mast section size


max height