Product Details


joystick 2 speed with Schneider Control Module, contains two model

  • 1NC+3NO contacts
  • 4NC contacts


1. The product is a new type of handle specially developed by our company for the construction of elevators.
2. The structural design combines advanced technology at home and abroad.
3. The main part adopts the zinc alloy casting molding.
4. The product has many characteristics such as small volume, lightweight, and simple installation.
5. Operating mechanism with zero self-locking and automatic reset device, safe and reliable.

tag. hoist inverter

 overload sensor

Rated working voltage

AC380V DC220V

Rated working current

AC2.6A DC0.3A

Rated insulation voltage


Handle operating force


Conventional heating current


Rated operating frequency

2400 times/H

Control gear

1/2 OEM