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Hoist safety device

the hoist safety device is one typical model of building hoist, which can prevent the cage from running Overspeed, and effectively reduce the cage dropping accident. , and is designed to prevent building hoist cages or counterweights from falling. It is made up of gear, centrifugal speed limiter device, cone drum, and brake device.

1. Reasonable structure
2. High precision machining
3. Good interchangeability
4. Open speed is stable
5. Speed calibration error is small
6. Smooth braking and lightweight
7. Internal system drum and centrifugal speed limiting device adopt forging die processing, which can prevent the hidden danger brought by the traditional pouring process.
8. Using domestic leading enterprises of sliding bearings and the Great Wall high-quality grease, The gear shaft increases the oil groove, and increases silencing shock absorber, so greatly reducing the incidence of noise
9. It adopts the spring parts and friction pieces professionally produced in China to ensure the stable braking moment and opening speed of the products.

Safety Device 2TON, 1TON for Passenger hoist

  • Brand: SRIBS.
  • Type: SAJ30-1.2, SAJ30-1.6, SAJ40-1.6, SAJ40-1.2

Anti-fall safety device detection video

We will introduce the detection process of anti-fall safety devices through video, please click the link

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