Construction Hoist Inverter

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Construction Hoist Inverter

It is a special frequency converter specially developed for the reconstruction of construction elevators. The inverter is easy to install, without changing the original power frequency electric box, it only needs to install a driver and a resistance box to easily complete the transformation.

Construction Hoist Inverter Technical features:

1. Power range: three-phase 380V (4T), 22KW—37KW;
2. Choice of 3 control modes: vector control, torque control, V/F control;
3. It is easy to switch, and the original console can also be used for low-speed and high-speed switching freely, improving work efficiency;
4. According to the mechanical characteristics of the elevator in operation, the whole machine is tested for earthquake resistance through the vibration test bench before leaving the factory;
5. Dedicated logic brake sequence control to ensure the safety and reliability of the passenger hoist.

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