Electromagnetic safety switch

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Electromagnetic safety switch

electromagnetic locking safety switch

In order to further improve the safety of construction elevators, we will recommend customers use electromagnetic locking safety switches, which are mainly installed on the front and rear doors of the cages to play a safety protection role.

Technical Parameters

1. Conduit size

  • PG13.5
  • G1/2
  • M20

2. Built-in switch

  • 1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)+1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)
  • 1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)+2NC(slow-motion contact)
  • 2NC(slow-motion contact)+1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)
  • 2NC(slow-motion contact)+2NC(slow-motion contact)
  • 2NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)+1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)
  • 2NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)+2NC(slow-motion contact)
  • 3NC(slow-motion contact)+1NC/1NO(slow-motion contact)
  • 3NC(slow-motion contact)+2NC (slow-motion contact)

3. Head installation method and material

  • Four installation directions are optional(Metal)
  • Four installation directions are optional(plastic)

4. Door lock/release method

  • Mechanical lock/DC24V electromagnetic release
  • Mechanical lock/AC110V electromagnetic release
  • DC24V electromagnetic lock/mechanical release
  • AC110V Electromagnetic Lock/Mechanical Release

5. indicator light

  • AC/DC10-115V

6. release key position

  • bottom, front

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Product installation video

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