Product Details


Busbar for industrial elevators, construction hoists, Trasport platforms, Material Hoists, Mast climbing work platforms.
It is a new current supply system for construction hoists. It is made of a superior insulating case, embedded with 5 aluminum conductors, equipped with the flexible moving current collector, with simple structure, more safe, reliable, and energy-saving.

Product composition list

  • Specification: 16sqmm,25sqmm,35sqmm
  • slide and slide rail iron parts
  • slide rail iron support trunking
  • current collector
  • inlet connector
  • waterproof fastener
  • anti-falling pendant
  • guide junction box assembly

Advantages compare to hoist cable

The Conductor Rail was locked on mast section vertically, it shows advantages:

  • Don’t worry break down in the strong wind
  • No extra weight on the cage
  • Longlife Span for 4-6 years
  • Easy adding the height by vertical insert piece by piece
  • Don’t need to change for the whole piece when some parts damage
  • Can be used by recycling
  • Safe and high efficiency

Busbar Installation Operation Video

We will introduce the installation process through video, hope it will help you .please click the link

tag.    electromagnetic locking safety switch

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single line length


single line weight


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