Tower Crane Slewing Block HRCV 106A, 162A, 273A

Tower Crane Slewing Block HRCV is a Controler for tower crane slewing. Contact us for a Quotation

Specification of tower crane slewing Block HRCV

1. Features of tower crane slewing block HRCV controller is a crane slewing controller designed and developed by our company according to the user’s use. The main technical features are as follows:

1. This product integrates the controller and the thyristor module completely Integrated, user wiring is simple and clear, and it prevents the user from damaging the controller and thyristor module due to miswiring.

2. Realize the best optimization of AC voltage control curve and DC voltage control curve.

3. It has a jog function during manipulation and control to achieve an accurate position.

4. The electronic components adopt imported industrial-grade chips, and the control board is directly equipped with power supply and direction indicators.

5. Coating treatment is used on the printed circuit board to improve the dustproof and anti-condensation ability of the circuit board. 2. Operating conditions

1. Operating environment conditions.

Operating temperature: -10°C~+40°C; relative humidity: max. 50% (at a temperature of 40°C), max. 95% (at a temperature of 20°C);

2. Grid quality The continuous voltage fluctuation does not exceed 10%.

3. Rated voltage 50HZ/60HZ, AC380V/440V three-phase voltage; 50HZ/60HZ, AC48V/55V single-phase voltage; Year Three, output parameter 1, voltage output: three-phase output voltage: 50HZ AC140V-380V; eddy current voltage: DCOV ~20V

2. Current output: According to the size of the rotary motor, the output current can be 106A, 162A, 273A, etc. 9


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