Malaysia client visit

A customer from Malaysia came to visit us Wuhan Changlong Century Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for 2 days. After a long meeting to confirm an order for a small crane, we discussed this special project and found a solution.

The professionalism of the client is reflected in their experience not only mechanically, but also electrical. We are glad to know the preliminary conditions of use in Malaysia and the regulation in Malaysia. They also said about our other SC200 turbo worm reducer drive model More interest. Many other manufacturers have failed with this model. But we have been very successful with this model and have been exported to different countries for approval.

We also have a rental business, and we know that the working conditions of cranes are very bad. The crane structure must be very strong, and the electrical and mechanical parts must also be reliable. This is why we strictly control the selection of parts and materials. We promise that our lifting cage can use 8 Years, if used correctly, the shape of the structure will not change. Because the material we use is strong.

Our equipment failure rate is very low. Many rental companies prefer long-term cooperation.

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