CLSJ HOIST is a professional Construction passenger & material hoist manufacturer & supplier-Wuhan Changlong Century has 15 years of industrial production and leasing experience. focusing on creating high-quality, high-safety construction elevator brands. 

  CLSJ HOIST is short for Company name Wuhan Changlong Century Machinery Co., Ltd is founded in 2006.  CLSJ is the first letter of Chinese words CHANG LONG SHI JI which means prosperous for a century. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of rack and pinion construction hoist based in China.   

Our main purpose is to give vertical lifting solution for high risky building construction, bridge construction .We cooperated with many rental companies and contractors both in China and other countries, like Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, Australia. Our clients give highly comments on our CLSJ brand construction hoist.

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